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Connection Fuse Link

The Time-Tested. But...

The reliable Performer connection that you are familiar with is now 8 years old.

It is the very first mast/fuselage attachment that AFS created when we introduced the AFS Surf! It has met our demanding expectations and continues to deliver solid performance.

Old — Performer connection

But the time has come for a new better connection — The Fuse Link connection

With developed design have made the decision to add a mast/fuselage new connection option.

New — Fuse Link connection

Sleek Innovation

The Fuse Link consists of a highly refined conical assembly for the connection between the mast and the fuselage.

This allows a thinner fuselage and mast profile increasing stiffness, and reducing drag.

Effortless Rigidity

The Fuse Link is easily and sturdily mounted using 2 M8 screws. The entire assembly is extremely rigid and optimized for smooth and perfect flow.

New connection - new masts

The creation of a new mast connection led to the development of improved masts. Resulting in masts that were stronger and more efficient than their predecessors.

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